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How To Ride A Camel In Dubai Desert Safari Tour

There is no other animal to traversed wild desert than the noble camel. But get ride a camel especially if you’re a neophyte, is anything but noble. While you without be uncomfortable at first, riding a camel while

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Camp are trained for riding purpose, The only thing we suggest is try to wear Long pant if you don’t like to grinding your legs with camel hairs, & bandanna that cover your face from sand or dust because of the desert atmosphere can change unexpectedly with wind storm.

Approach from side to sitting on camel, confidently

Don’t look it in the eyes if you’re nervous. It’s very simple and become more easy when guide along with you and driving for you by walking in front of camel, Just stride up to it coming from a diagonal angle, Throw your leg over the middle of the humps and quickly mount it.

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This isn’t just for peace of mind. Relax yourself & take a deep breath, It helps you to calm the yourself down. Camels are friendly with humans & have perfect riding record from the history to date. Just enjoy, take pictures, make videos of your

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